July 7, 2011

Redbook Thai Salmon Stir-Fry

In the last few months I have been making an effort to cook more fish and white meat for my family. I waited until my youngest was over two to introduce fish into his diet, and he has loved it ever since. My older son is also a huge seafood fan and I have been trying to introduce him to a number of different types of fish. So far their favorite has been salmon. Having grown up in the pacific northwest I love salmon and try to eat it at least once every couple of week. This month Redbook magazine had a recipe for Thai Salmon Stir-Fry which looked delicious and simple.

This stir-fry goes together in less than ten minutes. Cutting the salmon and peppers takes the longest amount of prep, which is still under five minutes. I was unable to find madras curry paste, so I substituted tikka masala paste which was available at my local store. I served the recipe over long grain rice since that was what I had in my pantry cupboard. Wild caught copper river sockeye was the type of salmon that I was able to find at the nice grocery store in my area, which I was very happy with and the taste was delicious. Make sure that the salmon does not get overcooked or it will detract from the taste.

Thai salmon stir-fry was a huge hit in my family. I thought that the taste was delicious and I loved the combination of the curry and salmon. The recipe held up well the next day when my husband took it to work and re-heated it. This is a great, quick recipe, which would be great for a busy weeknight meal.

For the recipe go to Redbook Thai Salmon Stir-Fry.

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