July 7, 2011

Everyday Food Fast Raspberry Scones

Thanks to my two growing boys, berries don't last very long in my house. I tend to only buy them when the prices are low in the summer and a wide variety of berries are available. Blueberries are the most popular fruit in our house, but I have been trying to introduce a larger variety of fruits and berries to my family. Recently, Everyday Food magazine had a recipe for Fast Raspberry Scones, which looked like a great breakfast option.

Apparently I picked the wrong berry to want to find this week. The raspberry stock at all the stores in my area was either non-existent or the ones that I could find were moldy. I know that a lot of people in other areas have great farmers markets, but the closest decent one to us is an hour each direction. Due to the berry shortage I made  a major modification to this recipe and used blackberries (hence the blue color in the photo). It seemed not to be my week on food ingredients in general,  I had to go to multiple stores to find whole fat buttermilk, I do not like the taste of low-fat buttermilk in baking recipes. Due to the change in berries, my scones were a little harder to fold together and my berries became more mangled than if I had used raspberries (the shape of the scones in the photo is due to the recipe calling for the scones to be pulled apart, rather than cut).

I appreciated that the dough for this recipe is done mainly in the food processor. During the day I am always short on time and using the food precessor greatly reduces the amount of prep time. My two boys really liked this recipe. The taste of these scones is more similar to a buttermilk biscuit with jam baked in, than a true scone. My husband liked the taste of this recipe since it was less sweet than a traditional scone. This would be a great recipe for a brunch get-together or a weekend breakfast at home.

For the recipe go to Everyday Food Fast Raspberry Scones.


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