July 22, 2011

All You Triple Chocolate Cookies

As I've stated dozens of times before I have a massive sweet tooth. If I go a few days without some type of sweet, I start adding sugar to my cereal. My husband is more of a fan of salty or savory snacks, so I am normally left on my own about deciding on what baking recipes to try. However, my whole family will eat whatever sweets I bake, so I make a lot of chocolate desserts, since they are my favorite. The July issue of All You magazine had a recipe for Triple Chocolate Cookies, which appealed to my sweet tooth.

This recipe has 11 ingredients and takes approximately 20 minutes to prep. I found that the dough was a little too soft to work into balls, so I stuck the bowl in the freezer for five minutes and then it much easier. I followed the recipe as stated, with the only modification being that the cooking time was a little too long for my oven, my total baking time was only 12 minutes.

If you aren't a chocolate fan, these aren't the cookies for you. My two boys loved these cookies. I liked that they had a different texture than most cookies, with an almost cracked top. I did notice that they went stale quicker than most cookies, even when stored in an air-tight container. This is a great recipe for a chocolate lover and would be great for a party or cookie platter.

For the recipe go to All You Triple Chocolate Cookies.

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