July 23, 2011

Everyday Food Classic Roasted Salsa

My two boys are huge tomato fans. They have been known to take tomatoes out of the fridge and eat them like apples. My husband and I love tomatoes as part of recipes, but aren't big fans of the fruit/vegetable raw. The compromise that I have been able to find that pleases everyone is salsa. I make salsa at least once every couple of weeks and it has become a stable in my household. A recent issue of Everyday Food magazine had a recipe for Classic Roasted Salsa, which looked simple and a perfect way to use tomatoes.

The majority of the work for this recipe is done in the broiler. My kitchen broiler is still broken, so I used my toaster oven. It took me 20 minutes to adequately blister the vegetables, instead of the 8 minutes suggested by the recipe. The remainder of the prep work is done in the food processor. My garlic cloves were on the large side, so my salsa had more garlic than if I had used smaller cloves. I made no other modificiations to the recipe.

This salsa has a nice clean taste. The recipe is on the spicy side, if you want to cut down on the heat the jalapenos could be seeded after roasting. My husband appreciated the spiciness and preferred that the jalapenos were unseeded. This is a great, simple salsa recipe that would be great for a party or a homemade snack.

For the recipe go to Everyday Food Classic Roasted Salsa.

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