July 9, 2011

Everyday Food Pork Loin with Pearl Onions and Apricots

We eat a lot of pork in our house. My two sons and husband absolutely love the meat and if it was up to them, we would eat it at almost every meal. While I enjoy pork, I do not have the same absolute necessity that they have, so I am always experimenting with new recipes to appease everyone's tastes. A recent issue of Everyday Food magazine had a recipe for Pork Loin with Pearl Onions and Apricots, which looked like a recipe which would work well for my family's varied taste preferences.

This recipe has 11 ingredients, all of which I was easily able to find at my local grocery store or I already had in my pantry. I found my pearl onions hard to peel even after sitting in warm water for ten minutes, I don't know if I got a harder to peel batch or if my water needed to be warmer. This recipe is a little more time consuming, with an hour of total time, 25 minutes of which is active.

My family had mixed feelings about this dish. The dish looked great on the plate and in photos, but it contained a couple of problems. I don't know if it was the cut of pork I was able to find at my store or what, but I found my pork to be dry. The dryness would have been less of a problem if there was more sauce. I would suggested doubling the amount of liquid in order to have enough sauce and not letting the sauce thicken as much as the recipe suggests. Additionally the sauce lacked flavor, it needs more spice of some kind, either an increase in the coriander or another spice added. All-in-all this recipe has potential, but needs some further tweaking in order to be great.

For the recipe go to Everyday Food Pork Loin with Pearl Onions and Apricots.

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