October 17, 2011

Family Circle Sweet and Sour Pork

Fall is my favorite time of year. The weather starts to turn cooler and I take out my slow-cooker. I absolutely love using my slow-cooker when the weather turns cooler. It's great being able to put a meal in the crock-pot in the morning and do nothing until dinner time. When I first moved to West Virginia I only knew how to crock-pot a handful of things, mostly meat. I quickly learned that everyone in my state uses their slow-cookers for just about everything, especially pinto beans. After many less than great dishes (which my great husband ate and didn't say anything negative) I learned how to correctly use my crock-pot. Today I use my crock-pot multiple times a week in the cooler months. Since I use my crock-pot so frequently I am always on the look-out for new dishes, and was pleased when I saw a recipe for Sweet and Sour Pork in the July issue of Family Circle magazine.

This recipe has 12 ingredients. It makes six servings and takes 15 minutes of prep and 8 hours of cook time on low. I have never actually seen a 2 lb pork shoulder in my area, so I bought a 17 pound shoulder and had it cut to the right size. Instead of using reduced-sodium soy sauce, I used the regular version I already had in my fridge. This is a basic recipe and I had no problems finding any of the other ingredients at my local grocery store. I followed the remainder of the recipe as written.

I love how easy this recipe is to make. My family loves anything using pork and this dish was no exception. Serving the pork over noodles made for a nice combination. The noodles did a great job of blending with the pork and worked much better than rice would have. This doesn't taste like a traditional sweet and sour pork recipe, but has a great flavor. An easy pork crock-pot recipe, that's perfect for the cooler months ahead.

For the recipe go to Sweet and Sour Pork. (registration required)


  1. My family and I are big fans of sweet and sour pork. We will have a go at cooking it this way in the future. Take care and have a good Tuesday.

  2. This looks SO GOOD! I love slow cooker recipes too :)

  3. @Judy Sweet and sour pork is one of my favorites also :) Have a great tuesday as well!

    @E Thanks :) Slow cooker recipes are the best!

  4. Looks divine! Yes, yes, yes! I love the fall and slow cookers and all of the above. Love your blog too! Can never get enough of frugalness! I'm you newest follower!

    I'd love it if you'd enter my giveaway for The New Sonoma Cookbook! Only 15 entries! Ends tonight (10/18)

  5. @Nicki Thanks for the sweet comments, entered your giveaway :)

  6. That looks delicious and I haven't yet eaten anything today :D I bet it is this combination of amazing flavors like most of the great recipes you post :X

  7. @Andreea It tasted really yummy and the flavors went great together! Thanks for the sweet comments :)


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