July 8, 2011

Everyday Food Chorizo, Potato, and Egg Tacos

A couple of months back one of the grocery stores in my area had a number of packages of chourico marked on clearance. The final cost was 1.50 per package, which I couldn't pass up and I bought a bunch to store in my freezer. Previously, I have used chourico in number of rice dishes, such as jambalaya, but I wanted to try some new dishes given that I had so many packages to go through. While I was looking through one of my recent copies of Everyday Food magazine, I noticed a recipe for Chorizo, Potato, and Egg Tacos, which I could easily substitute with the chourico from my freezer.

This recipe has two parts, the salsa picante and the tacos. In order to save time during the busy dinner prep, I prepared my salsa in the morning. The taco portion of the meal only takes five ingredients, all of which I easily found at my grocery store. As I stated before, I substituted chourico for the chorizo. Since the sausage I bought was smoked not fresh, I peeled the casing off and finely diced. I used a toaster oven to char my poblano chile and found it took closer to 20 minutes, rather than the 7-10 suggested by the recipe. Additionally,  I ran out of eggs, so I ended up using 3 instead of 4 eggs. I found my total time with the salsa and tacos to take about an hour. Finally, This recipe made 6 tacos for my family, not the 8 indicated by the recipe.

This was a very kid friendly recipe. My two boys are often bad about eating eggs, but they loved these tacos.
My husband and I found that boiling the potatoes made them softer than we prefer, so I suggest frying the potatoes instead. Fried potatoes would provide the tacos with a nice crunch which would go nicely with the rest of the ingredients. This recipe would make a great breakfast recipe, or you can do like my family did and have it as a breakfast for dinner dish; works well either way.

For the recipe got to Everyday Food Chorizo, Potato, and Egg Tacos.


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