July 18, 2011

Martha Stewart Living Pork and Bean Sandwiches

As I've stated numerous times before, my family loves pork. My husband and two boys can do without almost every meat, with the lone exception of any pork product. They can go about a week and then start getting cranky and requesting me to make a pork recipe. One of my favorite ways to prepare pork is to buy a pork shoulder and slow roast it until it falls off the bone. Since I make pork shoulder so frequently, new magazine recipes always capture my attention. Recently, Martha Stewart Living magazine had a recipe for Pork and Bean Sandwiches, which looked perfect for my family and their love of slow roasted pork

This recipe is not something that can be started at the last minute. The whole point of slow roasting pork shoulder is to let it cook until it literally falls off the bone and this recipe is no exception. Start to finish this dish takes about 7 hours. There are 16 ingredients, including salt and pepper. All the ingredients are basic and I either had in my pantry or they were easily available at my local grocery store. I had fully intended to make the pickled vegetables, to accompany this recipe, but ended up having my jalapenos go bad and therefore left out this accompaniment. I found that my pork and beans had more liquid than I prefer at the end of the cooking time, so I skimmed off the fat and removed some of the liquid before serving.

If your expecting a crowd this would be a great recipe. It could easily feed more than twenty people and my family ended up having leftovers for multiple additional meals. If you are expecting a sweet bbq sandwich, this is not the recipe for you. This recipe is a savory bean dish and is not very sweet at all. My husband appreciated that the pork was not sickenly sweet, like many pulled pork recipes can be. I appreciate that most of the work is done by the oven. This recipe would be a great to feed a large group of people and I look forward to making it in the future with the addition of the pickled vegetables (I will re-review when I do).

For the recipe go to Martha Stewart Living Pork and Bean Sandwiches.


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  2. Hi thanks for popping over to my blog. I thought I would return the favour! Love the idea of this recipe as pork is not a family favourite in my house, but this I think I could get past them :)

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  4. haha you had me a pork!
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  5. Following you back! This recipe is right up my alley. I love pork and beans ;)


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