July 24, 2011

All You Peanut-Coated Drumsticks

Growing up my mother made or bought fried chicken at least once a week. When I moved out on my own, I stopped making fried chicken and didn't make it again until I got married. My husband loves pan fried chicken and my attempts at making it when we first got married were less than stellar. Since that time my fried chicken has vastly improved and I am always looking for new recipes. A recent issue of All You magazine had a recipe for Peanut-Coated Drumsticks, which looked like a delicious oven fried chicken dish.

This recipe has 9 ingredients and goes together quickly. I don't currently have wire racks, so I baked my drumsticks directly on the baking sheet. Most of the prep work is done in the food processor and shaking it in a plastic bag makes the clean-up very easy. Be warned this recipe takes a 1/4 cup of curry powder, I only had part of a bottle left and had just enough!

My four year old loved this recipe. He ate two drumsticks for dinner and multiple pieces as leftovers. My husband and I thought that this recipe was delicious hot, but was even better cold. This recipe would be perfect for a picnic, or to prepare multiple meals.

For the recipe go to All You Peanut-Coated Drumsticks.

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