July 22, 2012

Kofta Kebabs

My two boys are growing up fast. Not just in the figurative sense, they are growing like weeds. In one day they can eat enough for two adults. I don't know where they put all the food, they are both very thin and eat constantly throughout the day. I really wish that we could swap metabolisms. While my metabolism is still great, it isn't what it was in my teens. In order to make everyone satisfied at dinner time, I have been buying a lot of marked down meat at the grocery store. I love when meat gets marked down. It saves a ton of money and lets me buy meats such as lamb which are normally out of my grocery budget. Last month I was able to find 8 packages of lamb for only 2 dollars a pound, so I stocked my freezer. Then I had the task of figuring out what recipes would work for 8 pounds of lamb. One recipe that I found for Kofta Kebabs from Allrecipes.com looked very easy and full of flavor.

This recipe has 13 ingredients (including skewers). It takes 1 hour and twenty minutes of total time and makes 28 servings. I made a few modifications to this recipe. First of all I forgot to buy parsley at the grocery store, so I omitted it from the recipe. Secondly, I ran out of time before dinner and didn't have the time to let the skewers sit in the fridge before grilling. So I skipped this step. Additionally I chose to grill four meatballs on each skewer. The one meatball on each skewer idea seemed like a waste of skewers and time for me. Plus my kids with multiple skewers would have spelled disaster. Since I use an indoor grill my total grilling time was longer than the recipe. My kebabs took approximately 10-15 minutes to cook. I followed the remainder of the recipe as written.

These kebabs were very good. I do think that they would benefit greatly from a yogurt sauce. I served my kebabs with a simple yogurt sauce made from yogurt, cucumber and mint. Tahini would also work well. My two boys loved that this dinner was served on skewers (with lots of supervision). I would suggest with younger kids to take the kebabs off the skewers when serving. I served the kebabs with a couscous salad with olives, cucumbers, and red onion. They were delicious together. Overall a simple and delicious lamb recipe.

For the recipe go to Kofta Kebabs.
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