September 28, 2011

Taste of Home Two-Chip Chocolate Chippers

The three male members of my household eat a lot of sweets every week. I have tried cutting out all sweets and snacks at various points in the last couple of years and every time it has ended badly. My husband can be the worst. If there are no sweets in the house, he will eat bowls and bowls of cereal and then eventually stop and get something from the store. Since my family eats very healthy for the most part, I do allow homemade snacks and treats every week. Last week a recipe for Two-Chip Chocolate Chippers from the October issue of Taste of Home magazine caught my eye and looked perfect for my family.

This recipe has 12 ingredients. It takes approximately 20 minutes of prep and 10 minutes of baking per batch. All the ingredients are very basic and I had all but two of them already in my pantry cupboard. I decided not to make the recipe with nuts, my husband is a nut fan, but I'm not and since I was the one making them I left them out. I did find that I made my cookies slightly larger than the recipe so I made a little over 4 dozen cookies, instead of 5 dozen. Be very careful about the cooking time on these cookies. By 10 minutes, the bottom of my cookies were on the darker brown side, so be sure to keep an eye on the timer. I followed the remainder of the recipe as written.

My two boys loved these cookies. If you really love chocolate chips you will like this recipe. It is very sweet and chocolaty and the instant pudding mix gives the cookies an interesting taste dimension. My husband was the one nay-sayer that said the cookies were too soft and cakey. He would have liked them better if I had made them smaller and flatter. Overall, a great very chocolaty chocolate chip cookie recipe.

For the recipe go to Two-Chip Chocolate Chippers.

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