September 29, 2011

Taste of Home Italian Sausage Quiche

Growing up I loved eggs. My mom would make me sunny side up eggs and toast before school every morning and I was ecstatic. When I moved out on my own, my eggs never tasted as good as my moms and I stopped making them as frequently. However, I never stopped making one of my favorite egg dishes, quiche. I love just about every type of quiche, it's delicious. The October issue of Taste of Home magazine had a recipe for Italian Sausage Quiche, which looked perfect for my love of eggs.

This recipe has 14 ingredients. The prep time is 30 minutes, with 35 minutes of bake time. I had no problems finding any of the ingredients at my local grocery store, and I had the majority already in my pantry cupboard. I was unable to find bulk Italian sausage, so I used regular Italian sausage and took it out of the casing, adding about 5 minutes to my prep time. The magazine recommends using disposable gloves when working with the jalapenos, I never do this step and have never had any problems, just make sure not to touch your eyes etc. Approximately half-way through the cooking time I had to tent the crust in order to prevent burning, I would recommend doing this step. I followed the remainder of the recipe as written.

My husband and I enjoyed this quiche recipe. I appreciated how easy the prep was and how I had leftovers for breakfast the next morning. I love how versatile quiche is in that it can easily be used as either a dinner entree or a breakfast dish. This recipe is no exception and I was able to use it for multiple meals. My two boys were skeptical when I first served this recipe, but loved the recipe for breakfast the next day. Overall, an easy and delicious dish.

For the recipe go to Italian Sausage Quiche.

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