September 27, 2011

Family Fun Buffalo Chicken Tenders

In the last couple of weeks my five-year-old has decided he has some particular foods preferences and dislikes. He no longer likes anything with cheese, but loves spicy foods. Due to his new foods ideas I have been trying to find foods that we can all agree upon. Chicken is a popular food among all member of my household, especially my two children. The October issue of Family Fun magazine had a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Tenders, which looked perfect for all members of my household.

This recipe has 5 ingredients for the dressing, 3 for the sauce and 8 for the chicken. The total time is approximately 45 minutes, with 25 being active. All the ingredients I either had in my pantry or were easily found at my local grocery store. This recipe serves 8 people, more than enough for my family of four. I did make a few modifications to the recipe. Instead of using plain bread crumbs, I substituted panko, since I already had it in my cupboard and I prefer it for breading. Additionally, I used Frank's RedHot extra hot buffalo sauce, since it was what was already open in the fridge. I followed the remainder of the recipe as written.

My chicken tenders turned out extremely spicy due to the extra hot buffalo sauce. Luckily, my 5-year-old liked the recipe, even though it was really hot and so did my husband. If you like your tenders less hot use Frank's original or leave off the sauce completely. The blue cheese sauce turned out delicious and was very easy to prepare. The sauce would also taste great with steak or other dishes. I liked that this recipe was easy to prepare and very child friendly. For oven baked chicken it was particularly delicious.

For the recipe go to Buffalo Chicken Tenders.
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