September 4, 2011

Family Circle Almond Pound Cake

I love cake. Not just a little bit, but as far back as I can remember I was the little kid eating multiple servings of my homemade birthday cake. The other members of my household don't appreciate the finer qualities of a great piece of cake as much as I do. In order to appease everyone in my life, I have been trying various cake recipes to find one that we can all agree upon. The July issue of Family Circle magazine had a recipe for Almond Pound Cake, which looked like a good compromise for both the cake lovers and the non-cake lovers in my household.

This recipe has 8 ingredients in the cake and 3 in the topping. The total prep time is approximately 20 minutes and the bake time 1 hour and 5 minutes. All the ingredients are basic and most I already had in my pantry cupboard. I found that my cake took 10 minutes longer to completely bake, but part of that could be due to my disco-era oven. I followed the remainder of the recipe as written.

I really like how light this cake turned out. Everyone in my family enjoyed this cake, even the members that aren't big cake fans. The prep work is minimal and the cake goes together very quickly. This recipe could also easily be modified into a number of various pound cake variations such as chocolate, chocolate chip etc. The cake does dry out rather quickly, so it's best consumed within a day or two.A great simple, pound cake recipe.

For the recipe go to Family Circle Almond Pound Cake (registration required).


  1. This cake looks great! I also like cakes! Guess what?! One is in the oven at this time! I hope it turns out good as it is the first time I trying this cake. Wonderful post! Have a good week.

  2. i wonder if I could switch this up to be GF. I looks sooo yummy I want to eat it right now! ^_^ Thanks for posting this one, I LOVEEEE almonds!

  3. @Sheri Thanks :)

    @Judy I hope your cake turned out well!

    @Ms. Elle I would think that with oat or rice flour it would work fine. I am making two desserts this week that are gluten free and one uses rice and one uses oat flour. I love almonds also :)


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