September 25, 2011

Taste of Home Crunchy Asian Coleslaw

When I first started cooking as much as I could from scratch, I would make a great main dish and buy a bagged salad as a side dish. I do love bagged salad, but you can only have it so many times a week before it becomes redundant. So approximately 6 months ago I started making a conscious effort to make one side dish and one main meal for dinner every night. Some weeks it takes a lot of creative thinking to figure out dishes to go together, but I was lucky that the August/September issue of Taste of Home magazine had a delicious recipe for Thai Shrimp Curry and a side dish recipe for Crunchy Asian Coleslaw. I have already posted my review of the Thai Shrimp Curry, here is my post for the Crunchy Asian Coleslaw.

This recipe has 10 ingredients and takes minutes to prepare. I had no problems finding any of the ingredients at my local grocery store and already had everything except the vegetables in my pantry cupboard. Since the original recipe is for 2 servings, I doubled it to feed my family of four. Instead, of using reduced-sodium soy sauce, I used the regular bottle I already had in my fridge. The taste did not turn out overly salty, so the substitution was fine. I don't know if I had used the reduced sodium soy sauce if I would have needed to add additional salt. I followed the remainder of the recipe as stated.

I was impressed with how well this coleslaw turned out and paired with the Thai Shrimp. The doubled recipe made enough for my family of four and leftovers for the next day. I appreciated how easy the prep work was and how simple the ingredients were. A great simple, coleslaw recipe that would go well with a number of spicy dishes.

For the recipe go to Crunchy Asian Coleslaw. (registration required)


  1. Yum. I just randomly started getting this magazine. I haven't made much from the issues I have gotten. You have (again) inspired me to take another look at the magazine!

  2. This look really tasty :) I always have problem with finding some tasty side dishes!

  3. I love your healthy recipes and this Asian coleslaw just hit the spot because I'm going on a raw diet for three days :D

  4. @E I really like most of the recipes in this magazine, they tend to be really yummy :)

    @Marina I have the worst time with finding good side dishes also!

    @Andreea Thanks :) Good luck with the raw food diet!

  5. @Jodi Thanks :) It was yummy and easy!


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