September 6, 2011

Saveur Salsa de Pina Picante (Spicy Fresh Pineapple Salsa)

One of my favorite things about summer is the abundance of inexpensive fruit. I love just about every type of fruit and have passed on these feelings to my two children. My two boys love going to the grocery store and picking out fruits and vegetables for the week and will even ask for things by name. Recently, my five-year-old has been obsessed with pineapples due to one of the movies that he owns. When I was looking through the August issue of Saveur magazine I was pleased to find a recipe for Salsa de Pina Picante (Spicy Fresh Pineapple Salsa), using one of my son's favorite new fruits.

This recipe has 8 ingredients and literally can be prepped in just minutes. All the ingredients were easily found at my local grocery store, and I was happy that the price of pineapples is currently low. I actually had to make this salsa twice, the first one succumbed to a kitchen accident and fell on the floor. I was lucky that I had extra ingredients and I made a second batch. I did make one modification. All the fresh oranges at my local grocery store looked less than stellar this week, so I substituted refrigerated pure orange juice instead. I followed the remainder of the recipe as written.

If you don't like spicy food, this salsa is not for you. I used relatively large jalapenos and my salsa was spicy to say the least. If your family is not a fan of spicy foods, I suggest seeding at least one of the jalapenos, which will significantly cut down on the heat. I served the salsa with homemade curry tortilla chips (recipe to be posted later in the week) and the combination of the two was delicious. My husband really loved this recipe, he thought the combination of sweet and spicy was great. I liked how easily the recipe was to put together, even if I had to make it twice. My two boys picked around the salsa eating the pineapples, but this was definitely a salsa more for adults. Overall a great spicy-sweet salsa that would go well with a variety of dishes including meats or plain with chips.

For the recipe go to Saveur Salsa de Pina Picante.


  1. Love pineapple in my salsa... you are raising the kids right!

  2. This looks so delicious. My family and I love pineapples! We have not had any for some time. Now I am looking forward to some real soon!:) Thanks for participating in the GET CONNECTED TUESDAY BLOG HOP!

  3. @Judy Thanks. We hadn't had pineapple before this recipe for a while either, but the price was nice and low this week at the grocery store :)

  4. that looks sooo yummy and i caught a glimpse of the recipe below this so i'm heading there next :)

    new follower, sent over from the reflexions blog hop!

  5. @Kandice Thanks! I hope you like the recipes :)

  6. OMG! looks so yummy... pineapple is also good and healthy.

    please visit my site you have a long overdue award waiting to be claimed... thanks! ;)

  7. @Rovie It is healthy :) Thanks for the award!

  8. Thanks for passing on this recipe, it looks fantastic (especially since I love salsa but not really tomatoes)! Thanks for following my blog!


  9. @Liz Thanks :) I love non-tomato salsas better also!

  10. Mmm this looks delish! Would love to try it.

    Thanks for participating in the blog hop and checking out our blog! We're following back.

    ~ Montreal Fashion Moms ~


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