August 14, 2011

Saveur Lane Cake

Every week I try to test out one dessert recipe from a cookbook or magazine that I haven't made previously. Instead of making the simple cookie recipes I always make, I have been attempting to broaden my baking horizons and try new techniques and baking methods. Recently, I have also been trying to include a larger variety of magazines in my reviews, instead of sticking to the two or three that I always read. With this in mind I set about to find a dessert to bake and was pleased with the prospect of the Lane Cake from Saveur magazine.

Since this is a layer cake, there are a number of ingredients. In total for the cake, filling, and icing there are 21 ingredients. All the ingredients are basic baking ingredients and were easily found at my local grocery store (with the exception of the bourbon which I purchased a the liquor store). This recipe takes some pre-planning since there is cooling time and the process of preparing all the components. In total the entire recipe took me approximately 3 hours. I should state that I haven't made a layer cake since last Christmas and my oldest son was helping me in the kitchen, hence why my layers aren't sliced perfectly. I made not modifications to the recipe and prepared everything as directed.

This cake has a very light texture similar to an angel food cake. I loved the bourbon filling and my whole family was surprised by how delicious the cake turned out. The recipe did take a decent amount of prep, but it was easy enough that my five year old was able to help me with the majority of it. Slice the pieces thin, since this is a very rich cake and can serve a crowd. This would be a great recipe to take to a gathering or for a dinner party, and makes an impressive presentation sliced.

For the recipe go to Saveur Lane Cake.


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  2. Hello, Thanks for stopping by my blog :) and becoming a new follower ..
    That cake looks so good..

  3. This looks DELICIOUS!
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  4. Yummy! I've never heard of that magazine - thanks for posting the recipe link.

  5. @E I had never read the magazine before I got a free subscription. I have made a few of their recipes and they have all turned out great!

  6. Wow, I want to eat this cake REALLY bad- It has everything I could hope for: pecans, meringue and Bourbon! Since I'm on the Atkins diet, though, I probably shouldn't make this until I reach my target weight. But maybe I'll save this for Christmas when I'm planning to splurge. Thanks so much for following my blog :)


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