August 31, 2011

All You Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

To go with the trend I have been following the last couple of days, this post is another slow cooker recipe. I love making slow cooker meals this time of year when the summer is winding down and the weather is still very warm. The ability to set ingredients in the slow cooker in the morning and not have to worry about them until dinner is a great benefit. These types of dinners are great for quick weeknight meals, and I make them frequently. I've made a number of pork and beef slow cooker meals recently and was pleased when a recent issue of All You magazine had a recipe for Pulled Chicken Sandwiches, which utilized another type of meat than I have been preparing in the last couple of weeks.

This recipe has 13 ingredients including buns. The total cooking time is 5 hours, with 10 minutes of prep time. I made a few modifications to the recipe, First, I used all skinless, boneless chicken thighs, instead of a combination of thighs and breasts. Everyone in my family prefers the taste of thighs and I find many chicken breast recipes to be dry. Secondly, I used Sunny Buns, instead of whole-wheat hamburger buns. My two boys absolutely love Sunny Buns and they pretty much guarantee that my two kids will eat their sandwiches. Finally, I used sweet onion for the 2 sliced onions in the recipe. When sweet onions are in season, I prefer them in many recipes to the stronger white or red onions. I followed the remainder of the recipe as written.

I was surprised by how delicious this slow cooker recipe turned out. The onions gave the sandwiches a delicious sweet taste, which everyone in my family enjoyed. I combined the sandwiches with homemade coleslaw (recipe to be posted later today). This pulled chicken sandwich recipe is a great way to use the slow cooker and makes enough leftovers for an additional meal.

For the recipe go to All You Pulled Chicken Sandwiches.


  1. Good morning to you to :)

  2. too funny... indeed I posted a slow cooker recipe as well. Must be that time of year when fall is just around the corner and I really start cooking with it

  3. Yes, it is time to pull out that crockpot! I agree with you on using the thigh meat instead of breast. These sandwiches must have been amazing-thanks for sharing.

  4. @Renee Thanks :)

    @Inspired Great minds think alike :)

    @Tina The sandwiches were yummy! I'm glad someone agrees with me about the chicken breast, everyone seems to be using it more except me :)


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