August 4, 2011

Parents Pork and Spinach Meet Up with Sweet Potato Fries

As I've stated numerous times before my two boys and husband are pretty much obsessed with pork. Just about any dish containing pork they eat wholeheartedly. Fresh vegetables on the other hand are hit or miss. My five-year-old loves just about every vegetable and will try almost anything once. However, my two-year -old is a snacker and I have a hard time getting him to eat a balanced meal. Recently, I have been trying to incorporate more vegetables as side dishes in addition to an ingredient in main dishes. The June issue of Parents magazine had a recipe for pork and spinach meet up, which made a perfect combination with homemade sweet potatoes fries.

This is a very easy recipe and only contains 7 ingredients. The prep and cooking time is under 20 minutes, including the time for the rice to cook. I followed the original recipe as stated, not the two suggested modifications. The recipe states to use low-sodium soy sauce, however, I used the soy-sauce I already had in my fridge, which was not low-sodium. Finally, I used peanut oil because it was the easiest to find at my local grocery store. As a side to the stir-fry recipe I made oven baked sweet potato fries. My two boys actually like these more than regular french fries. All that I do to prepare them is to cut two sweet potatoes into wedges, toss with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and put into the oven at 375 degrees.

This recipe went over well with my whole family. The pork was very tender and moist. I liked that the regular soy sauce added a little more saltiness to the flavor, which I prefer. Of course, the biggest hit with my two boys were the sweet potato fries, as expected. A great, quick stir-fry recipe that is very kid friendly.

This recipe is not currently available on-line, but can be found in the June 2011 issue of Parents magazine.

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  1. I am sooo going to make this tonight! Thanks for the idea.


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