August 11, 2011

Better Homes and Gardens Fish Tacos with Melon Salsa

Pork is a stable in our household and the three men in my house could practically eat it three times a day. However, I'm more of a fan of seafood and chicken, so our normal compromise is tacos. The whole family loves tacos and they are delicious whether made with pork, chicken or seafood. My two boys love any type of fish tacos, so I'm always on the hunt for new recipe involving fish or shrimp. The August issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine had a recipe for Fish Tacos with Melon Salsa, which looked promising.

The fish taco portion of this recipe has 9 ingredients and the salsa has 8. The salsa goes together quickly, I prepared mine in the morning and left it in the fridge to chill. The fish tacos take very little time to prep and prepare, the whole recipe start to finish takes approximately 30 minutes. I had no problems finding any of the ingredients and had all of the spices already in my pantry. The fish that I used was tilapia, since it was the only one of the choices available where I shop. Finally, I used frozen corn, because I already had it in my freezer. I made no other modifications and followed the recipe as stated. As a side I served the creamy macaroni salad from my previous post.

The best part of this salsa to me, was the melon salsa. The actual fish tacos, were basic and needed more flavor. I think they would benefit from the addition of more chili powder or adobo sauce. The melon salsa on the other hand was popular with everyone in my house. My boys love anything with fruit and thought the idea of using cantaloupe in salsa was great. The salsa helped to add flavor to the fish, which without it would have been pretty bland. With some modifications the fish tacos could be improved or the melon salsa could easily be used in other recipes.

For the recipe go to Better Homes and Gardens Fish Tacos with Melon Salsa.


  1. Looks delicious!

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm following you back. :)

  2. Another recipe that I missed!!! I love fish tacos. Thanks for posting this ;)

  3. @E We love fish tacos in our house two, especially my two boys :)

  4. There is nothing better than fish tacos... love the extras in this


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