August 19, 2011

Everyday Food Sweet-and-Sour Chicken with Green Beans

The area that my family lives has limited options for high quality restaurant food. There are a number of greasy chain restaurants, but high-quality ethnic food is lacking at best. My whole family loves Chinese food and I have started making dishes at home, instead of choosing between the two greasy buffets available in the college town we live in. I have found a number of pork stir-fry recipes that I love, but have been looking for more chicken options. I was intrigued when a recent issue of Everyday Food magazine had a recipe for Sweet-and-Sour Chicken with Green Beans.

This recipe has 13 ingredients and is very easy to put together. The total time is approximately 25 minutes. All of the vegetable prep is very easy, with minimal chopping required. I made a few modifications to the original recipe. I had made roasted peanuts to use for this dish, but my two-year-old got a hold of them, so I was forced to leave them out the finished product. Additionally, I was unable to find fresh green beans by the pound, so I bought a fresh refrigerated pack. I followed the rest of the recipe as stated.

My whole family enjoyed this recipe. It was very easy to put together and took little preparation time. I liked that the main protein is chicken; we eat a large amount of pork, so it's nice to have some stir-fried chicken recipes in the mix. This recipe is great for a weeknight meal or to introduce kids to a larger variety of tastes and foods.

For the recipe go to Everyday Food Sweet-and-Sour Chicken with Green Beans.

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