August 12, 2011

Food Network Magazine Baked Beans with Bacon

Sometimes I get stuck in a rut when it comes to food magazines and cookbooks. I have been using the cookbooks passed down to me by my mother since I moved to West Virginia 9 years ago. A couple of times a year I buy a new cookbook, which takes me forever to pick-out because I am very picky. I tend to be the same way about food magazines, I find the ones that I like and stick with them. I realized looking back over my blog posts, that I needed to branch out and try some of the magazines that I glance at on the newsstand. With that in mind, I flipped through the July/August issue of the Food Network Magazine and was pleased to find a recipe for Baked Beans with Bacon.

This recipe has 16 ingredients, including salt and pepper. The prep goes together quickly since the beans and tomatoes are canned. The total cooking time is 1 hour 30 minutes, with 25 minutes of active cooking. I was pleased to find out that my local grocery store had thick-cut bacon available at the meat counter, which my husband is ecstatic about. I had nor problem finding any of the ingredients listed and had the majority already in my pantry. Instead of using hamburger buns for the topping, I used King's Hawaiian Bread rolls which I already had. It gave the beans a sweet topping, which turned out delicious. Additionally, due to a mistake on my part I ended up using closer to 20 ounces of tomatoes, making my baked beans have a more tomato BBQ flavor than the actual stated recipe.

These baked beans were a huge hit in my household. My husband actually liked that they had more tomato in them, which he thought gave them a delicious tangy taste. I loved that they tasted great and my two boys ate their entire servings. This would be a great dish to take to a BBQ or function and makes a large serving, we had enough for an additional meal.

For the recipe go to Food Network Magazine's Baked Beans with Bacon.


  1. Thanks for stopping by I'm Bloggin'

    My mom traditionally buys me a new cookbook every Christmas but I like the change up that magazines offer, especially for seasonal food. I just recently got a subscription to Martha Stewart Living, love it!

    Your beans look delicious, baked beans are a favorite in this house with my two girls.

    Following back! :)


  2. @Aleacia I love the variety of recipe that magazines offer as well, it's hard to find a good cookbook that has a variety of items, most are pretty specific and therefore limited in their selection.

  3. Ohhhh these look so good. Quite a change from the ones from a can you heat up. :-) I use my momma's recipe but I may have to give this one a try, too. Would you think I'm crazy if I said I thought I could smell them?

  4. @Pamela My mom had a great baked bean recipe also, I should find it in my recipe box and make it. I love homemade baked beans, they are so much better than canned :)I don't think your crazy, the smell of the dish has a lot to do with the taste, the thought of many dishes brings a scent to my mind.

  5. Good quality baked beans... nothing better And I just devour Food network mag every month


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