August 23, 2011

Martha Stewart Living Zucchini Fritters

I try to incorporate a vegetable side dish with every dinner that I make for my household. Some vegetables are better received than others. My oldest loves cucumbers and will eat any dish that includes them, however, salads and other greens he turns his nose up at. Therefore, I have been trying to figure out ways that I can incorporate vegetables without my two children realizing what they are eating. Recently, an issue of Martha Stewart Living had a recipe for Zucchini Fritters, which looked like a great way to 'hide' vegetables for my family.

This recipe has 12 ingredients, including the salt, pepper and serving suggestions. The total time is approximately 25 minutes, all active. The ingredients are very basic, and I was easily able to find everything at my local grocery store. I did make one modification, instead of using store bought apricot jam, I substituted homemade raspberry jam, which I had canned last month. Additionally, I made larger fritter than those called for in the recipe, since I wanted to save time and not have to wait for 20 fritters to be prepared.

For whatever reason my batter turned out a lot thinner than I thought it should. The magazine picture has the fritters small and thick, but I found that the batter was way too thin to make small, dense fritters like the magazine. My fritters were much larger, but still tasted fine. I think if I made the recipe again I would only add one egg and see if that reduced the thinness of the batter. The homemade raspberry jam on top was delicious, and added greatly to the taste of the dish.

The recipe I used was from the August 2011 issue, I was unable to find the exact recipe on-line. However, a similar recipe (without the onion and oregano) is available here : Martha Stewart Living Zucchini Fritters.

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