August 22, 2011

Food Network Magazine Mango-Cucumber Salad

During the summer when fruit prices are inexpensive, I love using as many different types of fruit as I can incorporate into dishes. My two boys love any type of fruit and love going to the grocery store with me and picking out new types and familiar favorites. I have also been trying to introduce my family to more types of  grains, so I was excited when the July/August issue of the Food Network Magazine had a recipe for Mango-Cucumber Rice Salad.

This recipe has 13 ingredients and takes approximately an hour of total time. I had to make a few modifications to the ingredients, due to the fact I was unable to find some of them. I substituted a green jalapeno for the red jalapeno called for in the recipe. I also had made homemade roasted peanuts, but once again my two boys got to them before I was able to prepare the recipe, so they were not included. I followed the remainder of the recipe as stated.

My husband and I loved this recipe, my two boys weren't as big of fans. I liked the combination of the mango and the quinoa, which is very high in protein. This dish made a great side to the seafood dish I prepared with it, and the citrus taste from the lime balanced nicely with the fish. A great side dish for seafood and a good  way to introduce high protein whole grains.

For the recipe go to Food Network Magazine Mango-Cucumber Rice Salad.


  1. Too funny to have the boys eating your ingredients... I have that all the time, especially with nuts (but it's usually me snacking).

    Very pretty dish!

  2. Sounds yummy! Thanks for following Imagination-Cafe Blog - I'm already a follower of yours =)

  3. I think this sounds delicious and perfect for the very hot weather we are having at the moment. :)

  4. @Inspired Nuts in my house disappear, so I have to hide them if I need them as an ingredient in a recipe, but that didn't work this time :)

    @Sandie Opps! Normally I'm pretty on top of following people back, sorry :(

    @LindyLouMac It's been in the 90's here, I'm really ready for fall and the cooler weather :)


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