August 23, 2011

Family Circle Moo Shu Pork Burger

As I've stated numerous times before, we are huge pork fans in our household. I normally make pork once a week, which is far more frequently than I prepare beef. Beef as an ingredient is delicious, but I have never been one to sit down and eat an entire steak in one sitting. I have always loved the taste of pork far better and am always looking for ways to use the meat in new ways. I was given the July issue of Family Circle magazine and was intrigued by the recipe for Moo Shu Pork Burgers.

This recipe has 10 ingredients, and takes approximately 21 minutes to prepare and cook. Since I grind my own pork, that added 15 minutes of additional time, but I prepped in the morning to cut down on dinner preparations. I made a few modifications to the original recipe. First, I am not a fan of light mayonnaise, it tastes off to me, so I used regular mayonnaise instead. Second, I was unable to find cremini mushrooms, so I substituted baby portabellas. Finally, I grilled my burgers on an indoor grill. I followed the remainder of the recipe as written.

My whole family enjoyed this recipe. I used a high quality tenderloin for my ground meat, and the taste was absolutely delicious. I definitely won't be going back to cheaper cuts in the future. My husband's favorite part of the recipe was the hoisin/mayonnaise sauce, which added a sweet taste to the pork. This recipe is a great way to use pork in an interesting way and takes very little time to prepare.

For the recipe go to Family Circle Moo Shu Pork BurgersRegistration Required. 


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  3. I have to admit I'm not a huge pork fan... but this looks absolutely delicious!!! I also have to admit... I canNOT cook, I'm horrible. But, I can't wait to scour through your blog & try to learn a few things.... especially to suprise my hubby, who is without a doubt the chef in our home!

    Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful recipes!!

    Thank you also for the follow... I stopped by to share the love!!!


  4. Looks delicious. Grinding your own pork is a huge step!

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  6. Looks great! After quite some time my family and I enjoyed roast pork 2 weeks ago. It certainly tasted real good. I am not a great cook but getting better with each passing day!:)

  7. @Ola A lot of the recipes I post are pretty easy, I have two young boys, so I try to make most of what I bake simple and quick :)

    @Inspired I just started grinding my own pork about 6 months ago, it is so much better!

    @Judy Roast pork is yummy! I'm still learning to be a better cook every day also :)


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