April 19, 2011

Parents Cake-Mix Cookies

Recently during a sale at Kroger I stocked up on cake mix and frosting, which were free after coupons. However, I have been stuck with all the stockpile and nothing to bake, my husband is not a fan of cake and my four year old prefers licking off all the frosting. The April issue of Parents Magazine has a cookie recipe that is perfect for my family. Using only 5 ingredients it makes sandwich cookies from cake mix.

This recipe is so super easy and fast that my two year old was able to help. Additionally, it uses ingredients that a lot of people already have in their pantry. The taste is what is to be expected from boxed cake mix and pre-made frosting, not great, but passable. One thing remained the same, my four year old still licked off all the frosting.

Here is the recipe if your interested Cake Mix Cookies (Registration Required)

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