April 27, 2011

America's Test Kitchen's Strawberries and Grapes with Balsamic and Red Wine Reduction

For my Easter meal I try to keep my dishes light ad not overly heavy. However, when I come to fruit dishes I always end up at a loss as to what to do besides a fruit salad or boring fruit plate. This year I tried a new recipe using a reduction from The Complete America's Test Kitchen Cookbook.

This is the first recipe that I have made using a balsamic reduction, so I was a little apprehensive about how it would turn out, especially since it was Easter. However, the prep turned out to be very easy and the instructions in the cookbook straightforward and helpful. The ingredients are very basic and easy to find at any supermarket.

I was very impressed how easy this recipe was to follow and how great the recipe tastes. My two year old ate all his fruit and then commenced to steal all my strawberries as well. My mother-in-law had never had a balsamic fruit reduction before and she is now converted to the idea. However, my husband thought it was good, but a little bit of basil would have complimented the strawberry-balsamic flavor.  I would definitely use this recipe again.

This recipe can be found on page 441 of The Complete America's Test Kitchen Cookbook. It can be purchased on Amazon


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