April 14, 2011

All You Magazine's Stir-Fry Your Way Recipe

My family loves stir-fry so I am always trying to find new recipes. I came across a recipe from a recent edition of All You that looked promising. The recipe was emphasizing low carb options, so it used brown rice, which I did not use because I have tried numerous times to get my family to eat it without any success, so I used white rice. The vegetables I used were broccoli and sweet bell peppers, which were on sale for the week at Krogers.

The recipe was easy to follow and didn't take a large amount of prep time. My four year old was able to help me out without any problems, which is a plus. I used slightly less than one pound of meat, I just used the two chicken breasts I had left over from a recipe a couple of weeks back. My husband liked this recipe, he thought the flavors were nice and for a weeknight meal it was a winner. I thought that the recipe was okay, it wasn't anything too exciting, I have found recipes that I like better and don't take a lot more effort. I think if I did this recipe again I would not drain the pineapples and add in the juice, it lacked a sweetness that the juice would add. I would also add a larger variety of vegetables and maybe some water chestnuts for flavor.

If you want to try out this recipe you can find it here Stir-Fry Your Way

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