April 15, 2011

Mark Bittman Pasta, Greens and Beans

Parents Magazine has been publishing Mark Bittman recipes every month as part of it's collection of Simple Suppers. I'm a big fan of this concept because the dinners are very easy and my kids have liked all of them that we have tried so far. For the April issue the recipe is Pasta, Greens and Beans. I haven not done a lot of pasta with beans incorporated into them directly, so this recipe was enticing.

The only problem that I encountered was that I had to buy the prosciutto at Walmart because my local Kroger does not stock it. The recipe was easy to follow and my husband and kids loved it! My four year old was able to help me prepare most of the recipe and loved having time with me in the kitchen. I like the fact that beans are used as a protein, and anything with bacon or prosciutto wins points all around in our house. This is a great easy pasta recipe and one that I will use again in the future.

You can find the recipe on the Parents website Mark Bittman Pasta, Greens and Beans. Registration required.

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