April 7, 2011

Martha Stewart Everday Food Fusilli with Spinach and Walnut Pesto

Being that I currently subscribe to 4 food magazines, I thought it was time to start keeping a record of the recipes that I like/don't like.  Tonight I decided to tackle Martha Stewart's Fusilli with Spinach and Walnut Pesto. I love cooking with fresh veggies and am constantly trying to find recipes that 'hide' veggies for my two sons, so this recipe seemed like a good bet.

 I got to use my food processor that I got on clearance, so that's always a plus! I love how the pesto looks so bright and spring like. The recipe was easy to prepare and took less than a half an hour, most of which was waiting for the water to boil. The main thing that I noticed about the recipe, was that the pesto required a large amount of seasoning (salt!), it lacked a full flavor without it. I also used a lot less than the two cups of cooking water called for, it would have been too watery for my tastes. The Pecorino (hard cheese from ewe's milk) was not available in our area, so I substituted Parmesan. Overall, I thought it was a budget friendly way to make a pesto and would try the recipe again in the future.

If you want the recipe check out Martha Stewart's website at the following address:

Martha Stewart fusilli-with-spinach-and-walnut-pesto

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