April 8, 2011

Bon Appetite's Honey-Marinated Pork with Germolata

My family is a big fan of pork, so when I come across recipes using it, it tends to be well received. This is from one of the recent issues of Bon Appetit magazine. Oftentimes I have a hard time finding the ingredients for a lot of the recipes in Bon Appetit because the only grocery stores in our area are Kroger and Walmart, making the selection limited. However, this recipe uses readily availiable ingredients and is easy to make.

After marinating the pork for two hours I seared it in a stainless steel pan. I prefer stainless steel for searing because it creates a nice even browning, without burning. 

 I didn't have a large amount of left-over marinade for the sauce, but it came out perfect all the same. My husband liked it so much that he ate the leftovers in the pan with Wheat Thins after dinner.

The overall results of the recipe were very nice. It tasted great and even my two young sons ate every bite. The only thing I had to change was to add a little more white wine, since the sauce was a little thick.

If your interested in trying the recipe for yourself you can find it at Honey-Marinated Pork with Gremolota

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