April 22, 2011

All You Coconut-Curry Beef

Finding new beef recipes for the slow cooker is often difficult. Most recipes involve pulled beef or beef roast, which while good, can be redundant if done frequently. So I was interested when the April issue of All You magazine had a Coconut-Curry recipe.

The ingredients for this recipe are easy to find, with even my local Kroger having three different brands of coconut milk, including a generic. The prep time is very short and the time in the slow cooker is only 4-5 hours, much shorter than many recipes.

The one substitution I had to make was to the tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are not available at my grocery store, so I substituted grape tomatoes and cooked them in the slow cooker the last 30 minutes to soften. The most noticeable thing about the recipe is the 1 tsp of cayenne. This recipe is spicy for children. When I served this recipe to my four and two year old for dinner I had to mix in plain Greek yogurt. It was fine for my husband and I, especially the leftovers the next day, which were much milder.

If I was to make this recipe again I would make sure that I had Greek yogurt for my children to mix into their servings. The taste of the dish is nice, just a little spicy for younger palates.

For the recipe go to All You Coconut-Curry Beef.

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