April 26, 2011

Chef Walter Staib's Potato, Mushroom and Onion Casserole

Easter dinner can tend to be monotonous, with the same recipes year after year. So for Easter dinner this year I wanted to try some new cookbook recipes that I hadn't done before. I bought Walter Staib's The City Tavern Cookbook about 6 months ago, but have only done a couple of recipes, so for Easter I prepared the Potato, Mushroom and Onion Casserole.

Most of the recipes in this cookbook use simple, basic ingredients. The ingredients for this recipe were easily found at my local grocery store and the prep was not overly time consuming. I did have to bake the casserole about 15 minutes longer than the recipe suggestion, but my oven tends to run cold. My husband salted the dish and was trying to be sensitive to those at our dinner not tolerant to sodium and therefore the dish was undersalted. I would recommend using a larger amount of salt since it's going directly onto potatoes.

Everyone at my dinner table enjoyed this dish. My mother-in-law especially liked the texture of this potato casserole recipe and my husband is now refusing to eat boxed scalloped potatoes. The mushrooms added an umami flavor and gave a nice color to the onions during the saute process. I would definitely make this dish again and this will be our new potato recipe.

For the recipe see Walter Staib's The City Tavern Cookbook, page 218. You can buy it at Amazon.


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