June 2, 2011

Taste of Home Roasted Red Potato Salad

I love making side dishes, especially cold ones in the summer. My favorite cold dishes are potato and macaroni salads---just not the ones that come from the grocery store. I tend to run out of time during the week making my main recipe and forget about making a side dish. Lately I have been trying to experiment with trying to make new side dish recipes and a recipe in the April/May issue of Taste of Home magazine for roasted red potato salad looked easy and perfect for a weeknight meal.

The majority of the prep work for this recipe, 35 minutes, is done in the oven. The rest is quick and mostly involves blending ingredients. All the ingredients were easily found in one trip to my local grocery store. I was able to quickly put this recipe together while making turkey burgers without feeling like I was overwhelmed.

I really enjoyed this recipe. It uses a nice combination of canned and fresh ingredients, thereby saving time. I also like the slightly spicy taste provided by the green chilies and the cream cheese makes a nice creamy dressing. My two boys thoroughly enjoyed this recipe and I would make it again, especially on a burger night.

For the recipe go to Taste of Home Roasted Red Potato Salad.


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  3. All of these look so yummy!

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  4. In my family, potato salad is a favorite - thanks for sharing this one!
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  5. Love potato salad! Great recipe. Going to try it this weekend. Thanks for the follow. I'm following as well!

  6. yummmmmmmmm thanks for posting this, I am going to have to make it now

  7. Um, yum! I love roasted peppers!

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