June 26, 2011

Martha Stewart Living Adobo Peanuts

So my last post focused on sweet cashew nuts. I love flavored nuts of any kind, especially sweet, but sometimes I crave savory snacks. Unlike most of my husband's family I don't particularly enjoy potato chips or pretzels. However, I do occasionally crave salty snacks and am always looking for new ways to satisfy my cravings. A recent issue of Martha Stewart Living had a recipe for adobo peanuts that looked like a great salty snack option.

With only four ingredients, this recipe is extremely simple. The total active time is under five minutes, and the total recipe time under an hour. I had no problems finding any of the ingredients at my local grocery store and followed the recipe as written. Just make sure to stir the nuts during baking time to prevent burning and to promote even cooking.

These nuts have a nice smokey flavor. They have a nice subtle amount of salt and a spiciness that grows the more nuts you eat. For anyone having an outdoor bbq this recipe would go great with lager, iced tea, or any drinks with lime or lemon.

For the recipe go to Martha Stewart Living Adobo Peanuts.

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