June 21, 2011

Parents Stir-Fried Shrimp Over Rice Noodles

My oldest son has fallen in love with seafood in the last couple of months. Any dish involving shrimp he will devour and ask for seconds. My youngest son also loves seafood, but his ultimate favorite food is pasta. He has been known to eat a half package of leftover spaghetti from the refrigerator. I have been trying to find recipes that combine both of my sons food preferences and was pleased when the June issue of Parents magazine had a recipe for stir-fried shrimp over rice noodles.

Recently, my local grocery store downsized its Asian foods section. There are currently no types of rice noodles available, so I substituted spaghetti noddles. Additionally, I have never actually seen fresh snow peas at any of the stores in my area, so I substituted frozen. This dish goes together very fast. I was able to prepare and make this meal while my two boys played in the kitchen (they thought they were helping). I did peel and de-vein my shrimp earlier in the day, since I find it time consuming to do right before dinner. The rest of the prep work was minimal, with the carrots needing to be shredded and the baby corn cut into pieces. I followed the suggestion and added sesame seeds at the end.

My two sons loved this recipe. Of course the oldest ate all the shrimp and the youngest all the pasta, but they were both content. Substituting the rice noodles for spaghetti worked out fine taste wise and the dish has a nice sweet taste. I have been trying to get more seafood into my family's diet and this recipe worked perfectly.

For the recipe go to Parents Stir-Fried Shrimp Over Rice Noodles. (registration required).


  1. I could eat Shrimp every day of my life!

    Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Can't wait to try this out. I am a new follower from MBC :)

  3. This looks amazing. Thanks for sharing the recipe, this is a must try for sure. I love your blog and all the great recipes here.

    Following from MBC, www.beautyandthegreen.blogspot.com


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