June 7, 2011

Better Homes and Gardens Blue Cheese Stuffed Burger with Red Onion and Spinach

My two boys are huge fast food fans, but I rarely allow them to have it. Instead, I try to make hamburgers from home, both for taste and the family budget. I tire quickly of the same hamburger recipes so I am always experimenting with new combinations. The June issue of Better Homes and Gardens had a recipe for Blue Cheese Stuffed Burger with Red Onion and Spinach that looked out of my family's ordinary burger menu.

This recipe takes very little prep, the only thing that has to be sliced is the red onion and then the hamburgers grilled. I grind my own hamburger meat using my kitchen aid, which adds an additional 10-15 minutes of prep, but I greatly prefer the taste to pre-ground beef. I used an indoor Foerman grill since our grill wasn't ready for the season yet. All the ingredients are easy to find and available at my local grocery store.

My two boys liked this hamburger recipe. I liked that it is quick and easy recipe for a weeknight meal and takes next to no prep. My husband loved the grilled onions, but thought the burgers were dry on their own. I think when I make these hamburgers again I will add more blue cheese, making for juicer hamburgers. An easy weeknight meal!

For the recipe go to Blue Cheese Stuffed Burger with Red Onion and Spinach.

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