June 27, 2011

Family Fun Classic Bread Pudding

I'm a big fan of comfort food, especially desserts. They remind me of when I was younger and my mom would bake delicious desserts on the weekend for everyone to enjoy. Before I had kids I made a variety of desserts, but after having little ones I mainly made cookies and brownies. As my boys have gotten a little older, I have been trying to bake more desserts from scratch. Last October (2010), Family Fun magazine had a recipe for classic bread pudding that looked like the perfect dessert for my family.

This recipe is very easy. It could be done with a child and would make a perfect cooking lesson. The recipe suggests removing the crust from the baguette, but I chose to leave it on for added texture. All the ingredients used in this recipe are basic and many people would already have them in their kitchen. I substituted skim milk for whole, due to the fact that it was what was already in my fridge. Since the recipe already had whipping cream, the taste was comparable.

This recipe turned out delicious. My husband is normally not a fan of bread pudding due to its soggy texture, but he enjoyed this recipe. Keeping the crust on the bread made for a crispier texture and the sugar sprinkled on top before cooking made a sweet, delicious crunch.

For the recipe go to Family Fun Classic Bread Pudding.


  1. I love eating bread pudding! I will have to try this recipe!

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  2. @ Peace, I love bread pudding too, it's one of my favorite desserts :)


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