June 30, 2011

Parents Curry Cellophane Noodles

As I've stated before my family loves pork. My husband and boys could eat it pretty much every day of the week and be happy. Noodles dishes are another favorite with my two boys, and they request it multiple times a week. The June issue of Parents magazine had a recipe for curry cellophane noodles, which combined two of my family's favorite ingredients.

I was unable to find cellophane noodles in any of the store in my area. Instead I substituted rice noodles, which were my only available option. I had no problems finding any of the remaining ingredients at my local grocery store. This recipe goes together very quickly, my 5-year-old was able to help me in the kitchen as I cooked. I used whole coconut milk, instead of light, both for taste and it was what was available at my local store.

This is a very family friendly recipe. My two boys thoroughly enjoyed this dish and ate their servings and the leftovers the next day. My husband and I found the taste to be geared more towards kids. It needed additional curry powder to enhance the flavor, as is it was a little on the bland side, with this modification, it would be more adult oriented. This is a great kid friendly recipe and would work well to introduce little ones to different foods.

For the recipe go to Parents Thai Curry Cellophane Noodles. (registration required)

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