June 11, 2011

Better Homes and Gardens Sweet Potato Salad

I have posted a number of potato salad recipe lately that I made a couple weeks back. I tried different varieties to see what stuck out to my family. Most of the recipes I tried were red or white potato based, so I tried one last recipe that used another type of potato. In the June issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine there was a recipe for sweet potato salad that looked out of the ordinary.

The prep for this recipe is a little longer than a lot of other potato salads. The sweet potato are baked for over an hour and then cut into chunks. Additionally, there are a number of vegetables requiring chopping, making the total prep time (with chilling) approximately 3 hours. This would not be a recipe to start right before dinner, but instead would be great to prep that night before a get together. The ingredients used are basic, with nothing that couldn't be found at my local grocery store.

This potato salad has a very distinct sweet taste It would go best with any kind of bbq; with other dishes it might taste too sweet. My two boys liked this recipe, I made it with burgers and next time would make it with pulled pork or bbq chicken. With either of those dishes this salad would fit perfectly and would be great to take to a bbq.

For the recipe go to Better Homes and Gardens Sweet Potato Salad.

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