June 27, 2011

All You Chicken and Chorizo Paella

One of my four-year-old's favorites foods is chicken. If I want to make a recipe that he is sure to eat, it must involve chicken or shrimp. My husband and I get tired of the same old chicken recipes, so I am always on the lookout for new recipes to try. Oftentimes I substitute thighs for chicken breasts, due to breasts tendency to dry out and my family's preference for the darker meat. However, I have been trying to incorporate more recipes utilizing chicken breasts into my menu rotation for health benefits. Recently, All You magazine had a recipe for chicken and chorizo paella using breasts, that looked like a good recipe for my family to try.

None of my local grocery stores carry Spanish chorizo and the international market closed a while back. However, they do sell Portuguese chourico, which I substitute frequently in recipes, including this one. I had no other problems finding any other ingredients. This recipe goes together rather quickly, the total time being about 30 minutes. Most of the time is active cooking time with approximately 10 minutes of prep. I did not use low sodium chicken broth and still had to salt, so didn't go light on the salt.

This is a quick one-dish meal. The chicken breasts did not dry out as common in many other recipes, and my two boys enjoyed this dish. My husband missed the crusty bottom of traditional paella, but thought the flavor from the chourico was delicious. This is a great quick weeknight meal recipe, with minimal clean-up.

For the link go to All You Chicken and Chorizo Paella.


  1. I love the All You Magazine. I've never tried their recipes but I will have to sometime. Following you back.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog this weekend :) I'm returning the favor and will definitely have to try out this recipe. I love chorizo (I love all mexican food) but I've never tried to make it. This looks like the perfect recipe to try!

  3. Love pealla! Thank you for coming by Mommy LaDy Club, and voting in our Battles!...;) Glad Clooney got a vote:) Great to meet you...

  4. Thanks for following. I love food blogs. This is great.
    Jessica is new to bloggy moms and just getting started. If you could visit her that would be awesome.
    Have an amazing day. :-)


  5. that looks delicious- i have been wanting to do paella for awhile and this reminds me :) thanks for the follow. returning the favor and looking forward to more recipe inspirations!


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