June 26, 2011

Better Homes and Gardens Turkey Burgers with Peaches and Blueberries

The three men in my house are big red meat eaters, especially pork. They seem completely oblivious to the idea of eating a larger variety of proteins in their diets. My four-year-old loves chicken and shrimp, but I have been trying to incorporate other types of white meat. The June issue of Better Homes and Gardens had a recipe for turkey burgers with peaches and blueberries that looked like a great way to introduce a larger variety of white meat into my family's diet.

The ingredients for this recipe were easily found at my local grocery store. I purchased frozen garlic bread and toasted it in the oven, as suggested. The only problem I encountered with the ingredients was the less than stellar peaches available in my area, but they tasted fine after being cooked. This recipe goes together very quickly. There are only 7 ingredients in total and the prep takes less that 15 minutes. I found the total time to take less than the 30 minutes stated, even with grinding my own meat. Instead of using an outdoor grill, I used my indoor Forman grill, which worked perfectly. Finally, I found my peaches took longer to cook than the suggested 5 minutes, closer to 10, but that might have been influenced my my peaches not being ripe enough.

My family thoroughly enjoyed this recipe. Being open faced it provides an alternative to the usual burger recipe and my two boys loved the berries. My husband particularly liked this recipe and it will be one I will use again in the future.

For the recipe go to Better Homes and Gardens Turkey Burger with Peaches and Blueberries. (Registration Required)


  1. Have to try this recipe. Thank you for following my blog, I am following you via blog hop.

  2. Funny! I made this last week too. I changed the recipe around a little because the sauce wasn't very 'saucy'. I saved the first batch for something else and started over. I liked the second one better. It looks like we are thinking alike :)

  3. @basilmomma Too funny, I think we make a lot of the same things :) Mine wasn't saucy until I cooked it a lot longer than the suggestion, I thought it was because my peaches werent incredibly soft, but if you encountered the same problem, than maybe it would be better to add liquid (which is what I'm guessing you did :)


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