June 19, 2011

Martha Stewart Living Turkey Burgers with Red Onion and Jalapenos

The men in my family can at times be a little overly meat oriented. My husband can go about two days without meat before he gets grumpy and binges out on beef jerky or other meat snacks. My two boys aren't much better, they have been known to eat almost an entire package of bacon. Due to this meat addiction I have been trying to find healthier types of meat to include in my family's diet, such as turkey, fish and chicken. Recently, Martha Stewart Living magazine had a recipe for turkey burgers with red onions and jalapenos. 

The ingredients in this recipe were easily found at my local grocery store. The prep time is next to nothing, with only the red onion needing slicing and cooked and the avocado mashed. I grind my own turkey meat, so that took an additional 10-15 minutes. Instead, of using an outdoor grill I used my Forman grill inside. My total time was about 25 minutes, but that included the time needed to grind the meat. 

My two sons thoroughly enjoyed this recipe. At first they were unsure of the onions and jalapenos, but ended up eating their whole portion. I appreciate that this recipe uses turkey meat, which I have been trying to incorporate more into my family's diet. The red onions bring a sweet taste which nicely compliments the jalapenos. I especially enjoyed the avocado spread, which was a nice contrast with the rest of the burger. This recipe makes a nice alternative to a beef burger without sacrificing on taste. 


  1. We should link. I have a recipe for lamb and fish burgers I will link to your turkey one via text. Thanks for joining my connect. Will be back.Off to link to your burger recipe now.Joined you on connect also.

  2. We use ground turkey all the time...but wow, that you ground your own :o) & jalemenios and avocados sound like wonderful additions!

    I dont have to be at work until the afternoon today, so catching up on some blog reading. Thank you for stopping by and following. Yes, the skillet bread is sooo quick and easy ;o) I am also following you now at #529...although my blog time is limited...I manage to get my "one post a week" up each week and then get around to my thank you return comments to those that stop by! Please do come again any time.

    Blessings & Aloha!

  3. @personalized sketches Grinding meat is actually super easy with the kitchen aid attachment, you just have to make sure you bleach it well afterwards. I will definitely check out your blog again, thanks for following back!

  4. Sounds delicious! My husband is a meat addict, too, which can be frustrating when I'm trying to cook healthily!

  5. Sounds super yummy! My hubby would never even attempt to eat it though :) ha! He is a southern meat 'n tators kind of guy! ha ha. Thanks for following..I am following you now too!

  6. The burger looks awesome. Thanks for following me. I'm following you too. Look forward to the great recipies!

  7. that burger looks DELISH, will have to try this sometime this summer.

  8. I can't believe the kiddos ate this so well, wish mine would try more things. We make them try things, but to actually finish it is a task. Thanks for stopping by www.joyblessedchaos.blogspot.com


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