June 14, 2011

All You Tres Leches Cake

As I've stated before, with two growing boys in our house, we go through a large amount of food. My sweet tooth ensures that sweets are also eaten quickly after they are made. Since I normally bake about twice a week, I'm always on the lookout for new dessert recipes to change up my family's routine. The June issue of All You magazine had a recipe for Tres Leches Cake that looked delicious and outside of my normal recipe routine.

This cake is very easy to put together. The majority of the prep time is done in the fridge, with minimal mixing and only 30 minutes of baking. I topped the cake with fresh blackberries and raspberries which were on sale at my local supermarket. I waited overnight after adding the milks to make sure that they were completely absorbed. I would recommend doing this, because it allows the cake to be completely moistened.

This is one of the most popular desserts that I have made recently. My husband is not a big cake eater, but he liked this cake. I like that this it is easy to put together and makes a great way to use fresh berries when they are in season. My two boys, normally only eat the frosting off any cake that I make, but with this cake they ate their whole piece. This is definitely a dessert option that I will be using again in the future.

For the recipe go to All You Tres Leches Cake.

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