May 25, 2012

Country-Style Barbecue Ribs

I can't believe how quickly this year is going, it's already Memorial Day weekend! My oldest had this last day of kindergarten this week. Apparently he decided to take part in the talent show at school at the last minute and now is mad at me for not being there. Oh well, mommy fail for the week apparently. Memorial Day means one thing to me, the beginning of the barbecue season. I absolutely love to barbecue. Growing up my dad was always in charge of the grill. Now granted we had a charcoal grill (my husband and my father have that in common neither one will touch a gas grill) and for whatever reason my dad tried to almost burn himself while trying to start the fire every year. One would think that he would eventually not do that, but alas he had the same problem with camp fires every year as well. The beginning of summer is one of my favorite times of the year. There is something very nostalgic about having a barbecue with ribs, chicken, great potato salad and of course a spectacular dessert. Unfortunately my husband and I never seem to actually have the time to grill any more so instead I have found a great alternative for making ribs, my slow-cooker. The June issue of Family Circle magazine had a recipe for Country-Style Barbecue Ribs, which with 15 minutes of prep looked perfect for a busy summer dinner.
This recipe has 9 ingredients. It takes 15 minutes of prep and 9 hours in the crockpot and makes 6 servings. I had no problems finding any of the ingredients at my local grocery store, most of them I already had on hand. This recipe is very straightforward the only changes I made were to use light brown sugar since that is what I already had in my pantry and to use slightly more than the 1/4 teaspoon liquid smoke. After tasting it I thought it would benefit from a slight increase. As I always do I chose to cook this dish on low, I prefer cooking on low in my crockpot. I followed the remainder of the recipe as written.

I felt that this recipe didn't make enough sauce once it was done. There were only a few tablespoons of sauce left to brush the ribs with. If you are like my family and love sauce you should definitely double the sauce amounts. The sauce was mild and would appeal to people that like simple bbq sauces like Kraft. If you are like my husband and like more bite to your sauce than you should look for another recipe. My two boys loved this recipe, it was very child friendly. The pork was very tender and falling off the bone, which is perfect. Overall, a very easy slow-cooker recipe that has 38 grams of protein per serving.

For the recipe go to Country-Style Barbecue Ribs.
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