May 26, 2011

Martha Stewart Living Smoky Salmon Burgers with Grainy Mustard

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I ate a lot of salmon. When I moved to West Virginia, I stopped eating fish as often and almost stopped completely when I had my kids. Recently I have been incorporating more fish into my family's diet and began to eat more salmon again. My four-year-old has fallen in love with anything involving seafood, with salmon being his absolute favorite. With his preferences in mind I was happy to find a recipe for smoky salmon burgers with grainy mustard in a recent issue of Martha Stewart Living.

Knowing that many of the ingredients needed in this recipe would be unavailable at the grocery store in my immediate area, I made a trip to the suburbs. I had no problem finding any of the ingredients at the suburban grocery store and I was pleased to find unfrozen fresh-caught pacific northwest salmon. I had pacific northwest smoked salmon, but my husband wanted to save it for something that would use the entire package, not just 2 1/2 ounces. Instead I purchased another brand of smoked salmon, in a smaller package. This recipe is very easy to follow. It takes very minimal prep work, with the food processor during the majority of the work. I found the recipe to take less than the stated 15 minutes of total time required.

This recipe went over very well in my household. My four-year-old was particularly pleased with the concept of salmon burgers and ate his half happily. I think the next time I make this recipe I would use the whole package of smoked salmon, instead of only 2 1/2 ounces. The smoked salmon flavor created a nice undertone, which would be further enhanced with the additional smoked salmon. I also discovered that I had to add additional mustard and water cress to my burgers, so don't go lenient on either of these ingredients. This is definitely a recipe I would use again in the future, with the above modifications.

Currently this recipe is unavailable on the Martha Stewart Living webpage, but it can be found in the June 2011 issue or the digital edition can be purchased and downloaded here.


  1. Thanks for the comment every little bit helps, and mmmm that look good i think i am to need to make that for dinner now

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Norwegian Phoenix to say hi. I really appreciate it!

    Those look so amazing! Yum! I can't wait to check out some of your older posts and pray I have everything to make one of them. They all look so good!

    Have a great afternoon!

  3. oh my goodness yum. Yum yum yum. Thanks for sharing! Its nice to get inspiration to put me more in the mood for cooking!

    -Heather from

  4. that looks absolutely delicious! Thanks for the visit.

  5. They were really yummy and a great way to get fish into our diet, which I'm trying to be better about doing.


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