May 24, 2011

All You Honey-Soy Braised Pork Shoulder

When the weather hits the 90's my un-airconditioned kitchen turns into a sauna. I try to avoid making foods that take a large amount of cooking or oven time and stick to less time-consuming options. My slow-cooker gets used frequently in warmer weather and makes cooking fast and easy. I especially appreciate it when I need to feed a large amount of people on a very hot day, such as last week when my in-laws were in town. The May issue of All You magazine had a recipe for honey-soy braised pork shoulder, that is a quick and easy weeknight solution.

The only prep work involved in this recipe is cutting the pork shoulder and chopping the ginger. My prep work took slightly more than the suggested 5 minutes due to the fact that I purchased a 10 pound shoulder than I had to cut for multiple recipes.  The ingredients were all easily found at my local supermarket, I already keep sriracha in my fridge. The slow-cooker does all the work, with very minimal prep effort. I let my pork cook in the slow cooker for a full 8 hours, and made no modifications to the original recipe.

I was worried that this recipe would turn out too peppery for my father-in-law. He hadn't tried sriracha before and is hesitant of spicy foods. It turned out that I shouldn't have worried about it, he ate his serving without complaints and my mother-in-law had seconds. The rest of my family appreciated that the recipe is a nice blend of sweet and spicy, the heat is accessible to a variety of palates. Overall, this was a quick, easy dinner that I would definitely use again.

For the recipe go to Honey-Soy Braised Pork Shoulder.


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