May 16, 2011

All You Guacamole with Cumin Chips

My husband loves guacamole. One of his friends (a culinary school grad) makes very good guacamole and every couple of months my husband tricks him to making a batch for him. I haven't made guacamole since we got married, so I figured that it was about time that I let my husband's friend off the hook and made some myself. The May issue of All You magazine featured a guacamole with cumin chips recipe, which seemed perfect to try.

This is a very easy recipe to follow. There are few steps involved and no actual cooking, with the exception of the cumin chips. The ingredients are simple and easy to find; the only problem I ran into was finding decent avocados in my area. I had to go to multiple stores before I was able to find ones fresh enough to use. I only used one baking sheet to bake the cumin chips, which resulted in some of the chips on the side of the pan burning; next time I would follow the instructions and use an additional sheet.

My whole family thoroughly enjoyed this recipe. My young sons have been resistant to eating avocados in the past, but this recipe they loved, with the older boy especially enjoying the bright color of the red onions. I loved that it was so simple to prepare and I was able to make it while waiting for dinner to be finished. My husband appreciated that the recipe doesn't rely on garlic like many other guacamole recipes. I think from now on I will make my husband guacamole using this recipe so that his friend is no longer quite so exploited for his Tex-Mex cooking skills..

For the recipe go to All You Guacomole with Cumin Chips.

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