May 27, 2011

Food and Wine Indian-Style Mustard Greens

Living in a college town, my options for good quality ethnic food is minimal. There are a number of Chinese and pizza restaurants, but only one Indian restaurant. Due to this lack of quality options, I have been trying to cook a wider variety of dishes in my home kitchen. Both my kids and my husband are big fans of curries, which I make relatively frequently, but I have been wanting to broaden my cooking skills to other recipes. The March issue of Food and Wine had a recipe for Indian-style mustard greens, that looked like a perfect start.

The one ingredient that I thought that I would have no problem finding in my area is greens. There are normally a large variety of greens and many ways of cooking them. However, I met my match with mustard greens. The week that I need them for this recipe, I was only able to find kale, collard and turnip greens. Therefore, I had to make a major modification to this recipe. I chose to use turnip greens, kale has a bitter taste and collard greens are best with animals fats and pungent vinegar. I was able to find all the other ingredients easily. The prep time for this recipe is about 10 minutes, most of which is cutting the greens, etc. The majority of the work is done by the food processor, with the actual cooking time only being about 15 minutes.

This recipe turned out very well, even with the major modification to the type of greens used. My husband and I loved that the recipe wasn't a traditional curry recipe, which we have tried many times before. I like that I was able to use greens in a new way, instead of my normal recipe as a side cooked with a ham bone. This is recipe I would use again and try with mustard greens, if I was actually able to find them in season. All-in-all a great new recipe!

For the recipe go to Indian-Style Mustard Greens.


  1. Looks Yummy! We have the best Indian restaurant in Kansas City, this food reminds me of it. Hmmm...time for another visit, I'm thinkin'. :)

    Great pic.

  2. We eat tons of spinach and collard greens in our house! I love greens- now I am inspired to try greens like this. Looks delicious!


  3. @busy chick I wish that we had more Indian restaurants in my area, we only have one and it has weird hours. I miss living in an area with tons of restaurants :)
    @melissa Im trying to use more greens in our house. I use a lot of spinach, but Im trying to use more kale, mustard, turnip etc. My boys love greens, so its a great way to get vegetables in their diet!


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