May 10, 2011

All You S'mores Cookie Bars

With two growing boys in our house, we go through a vast amount of food every week. Recently, I have been attempting to make as many things from scratch to both save money and help our overall health.  I have cut down on the amount of junk food that I buy, but I still believe in baking treats from scratch (a little of anything is fine). I hate making the same old treat recipes, so I was intrigued when a recent issue of All You magazine had a recipe for s'mores cookie bars.

I only had the basic baking ingredients for this recipe in my pantry, I had to purchase the chocolate chips and marshmallow fluff. I had to make a major modification to the recipe due to the fact that I forgot to purchase graham crackers on my grocery store trip. I remembered that I had multiple graham cracker crusts about to expire that I had bought on a mega event at Kroger for almost free after coupon. I broke up the crust and substituted it for the graham cracker crumbs. The overall prep for this recipe is very easy, just make sure that you don't get the marshmallow fluff all over yourself like I did. The baking time was longer than 35 minutes for my disco-era oven. It took about an additional 10-15 minutes baking time.

 These are very rich cookies. I think I may have ended up using more than the 2 cups of marshmallow creme suggested, because my cookies look gooier than the recipe pictured. The slightly burnt marshmallow taste is definitely reminiscent of s'mores and my favorite part of the cookie. My family enjoyed these cookies, I think if I made them again I would cut down on the marshmallow fluff to see if it gave the bars a better consistency.

For the recipe go to All You S'mores Cookie Bars Recipe.


  1. my family loves s'mores, could never get enough of them, will try this recipe for my cousins and niece...i'm certain they will all be hyperactive afterwards, which is not really bad thing because i need them to help me prepare for a party tomorrow.:) following you from the totally tuesday blog hop:)


  2. That dessert looks wickedly yummy! Thanks for stopping by Wiccan Make Some Too & becoming a follower. I am following you back.

  3. S'mores always reminds me of camping! This alternative could be good for my two under two around the camp fire. Char
    The Epic Adventures of a Modern Mom

  4. This looks YUMMY!!
    I'm your newest follower from the Tickle Me Tuesday Blog Hop. ;)

  5. Looks yummy. I'm looking forward to baking goodies with the kids this summer when school's out.

  6. Yum! YUmmmm!
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  7. What a great dessert idea, I bet this is a hit, thanks for sharing.

  8. Yummmm.... This is MY kinda recipe!!! Love it! Looks Delish! Thanks for the visit/follow...I am now a new follower. :)

  9. OOOhooo! YUM! I need some now ;) Following ya back!

  10. This looks amazing - love smores - love burnt marshmallows! I am following you back from Friday's blog hop - sorry I'm late.
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  11. these sound yummy. i ALWAYS seem to forget one ingredient at the store, and realize this when i'm halfway thru mixing the ingredients together!

  12. Following everyone back, thanks for the great comments! For everyone that has kids this was a great recipe to do with my oldest son (who's 4), it is super simple to put together and he had a great time putting on the chocolate chips.

  13. Oh my gosh this looks amazing! Thank you for following, I don't have a CVS here so Walgreens is my only drugstore, they're pretty good about deals, check em out!

    I'm returning the favor!

  14. Oh my that looks yummy!! Stopping by again from the Super Stalker Sunday hop and wanted to leave you a comment! :) Have a great day!

    April @ Mama on a Green Mission

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  16. This looks so good!!

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  17. @mmbear, thanks for the follows, I don't have a facebook for my blog, I think I am the only one in the world, eventually I will start one :)

  18. Love it! All I'm missing is the Marshmallow Fluff.


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